Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs) were created by the state legislature in the mid 1960's to act as a service unit between school districts and the state superintendent. CESA 10 is governed by an eleven member Board of Control representing 29 districts in west central Wisconsin.


Our Mission

CESA 10, in collaboration with member districts, is committed to providing visionary leadership and cost-effective services to maximize learning opportunities and school effectiveness.

Our vision

Where service and leadership unite.

Wisenotes Program

In 2017, CESA 10 established a partnership with ESSDACK, located in Kansas, to provide a quality educator speaker and consultant pool that could be accessed by all school districts nationwide. The Wisconsin Speakers in Education Keynotes (WISENotes) program was developed as a result of this partnership. 

CESA 10 services are divided into Four departments

  • Operations
  • Learning Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Special Education