Lighting a Fire in kids (or Teachers)

This presentation can be geared toward students or teachers. How can we cultivate curiosity, instill intrinsic motivation and make impactful connections with our students and/or teacher?


Assessment and Grading

What motivates students? How do we assess student learning? Applying the writing/research of Pink, Kohn, and Zander. 


Technology and cmp

The advance of technology is one of the most important changes we face. How can technology enhance and not get in the way of great teaching? 


Concerts that Teach

How can we transform our performances into informances? 


Creativity and CMP

How can we use the concepts shared by Sir Ken Robinson, Daniel Pink and others in our classroom? What is the role of creativity in music? 


Music, Talent and the Brain

How does the research of Daniel Coyle, Eric Jenson and others impact our teaching of skill? What does the science suggest? 


Questioning Strategies

Our most used (and often neglected strategy). Ways to improve what we do most.


The Reflective Practitioner: Danielson's Framework

Reflection is the educator's most powerful tool. What is the history of the Danielson Framework? How can the Danielson Framework for Teaching aid in reflection?